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Technical Rider:

- 3x Pioneer CD-players all digital linked for use USB-stick

- 1x Pioneer DJM-Nexus 900/2000 mixer 

- Some extra space to put CD-maps (50x50cm) with little


- Booth and desk should be shock-free & ca 100cm high

- 2 x powerful monitor loudspeakers, to be operated through

   the mixing desk. Sometimes these can also be the speakers

   for the event, if it's a small venue/club.

- 2x monitors should – if applicable – be placed on standards, 

   ear height

- Sometimes monitors on the ground can be better

- All equipment should be levelled & technally checked before

   DJ set/showtime


Please note that it is not allowed to record the DJ set without explicit consent


Hospitality rider:

-Some non sparkling water & some towels

-A bottle of cold Grasovska or Bison wodka & bucket with ice


-If DJ set is around dinner time then some sandwiches and/or

  (local) food 

-If one of these requirements cannot be met please

  contact management Mac Di Marco

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