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Who has experienced his strings- and colorful dj-sets at Motel Mozaique or the Rotterdam Film Festival knows that Von Rosenthal approaches his record collection as a club DJ. On his new CD Nuit Classique he goes even further than on his debut: without gene he uses the pitch control or cuts & edits boring parts out of classics by Bach, Vivaldi or Wagner. Von Rosenthal has found a clever way to encourage young people to listen to classical music.

OOR Music Magazine


'It is good to have respect for music. But it is completely insane when it comes to classical music. One finds it divine and if you touch or play it, it's a sacrilege. You can also enjoy it more easy, it's just very beautiful music.

Het Parool


'Music is emotion, you should not handle it too devoutly.'

De Telegraaf


'Never heard a dj doing this. I can feel his love for music'

Philip Glass on Von Rosenthal


We've been fooled. For years we have carefully avoided the Concertgebouw, string quartets and the musty smell of some lovers of classical music but now we enjoy Brahms, Satie, Vivaldi, Bach and Wagner. To blame is DJ Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz who knows how to mix, short and exciting, all these classics. We want more!



Reynaldo Hahns beautiful song L'Enamourrée wanes into the Allegretto from Brahms Third Symphony, where the final accord empties as a Trugschluss into James Bonds 007 & Counting. Nice also: how Pärt turns into Glass' Einstein on the Beach.

NRC Handelsblad


'When I visit friends in Berlin, Paris or Antwerp I often go by car. You drive into the dark night and go for hours on listening to the music that you want to hear. A classical Route 66 for the night. Just drive. Going from somewhere, driving to a special place or person. That ambiance I wanted on my record.'

JFK Magazine


Classical music is a difficult hurdle, where to start? The rescue is close by, in the enormous record collection of dj Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz. His second album is again an overwhelming mix of great composers such as Brahms, Satie and Vivaldi, soundtracks and arias.

Veronica Magazine


Interview on je (in Dutch)

Interview on Kindamuzik (in Dutch) 

‘Classic is hot!’



‘a trip with film music and Gorillaz to Mozart, Vivaldi and Arvo Pärt’

De Telegraaf


‘Sexual Healing with Händel’

De Pers


‘On his mix-album Nouvelle Classique he makes classical music cooler than cool’



‘His compilation CD is a ‘love-making’ album’


Did you think that you’ve heard it all at Lowlands Festival, from jazz and whatever more, then DJ Von Rosenthal surprises you with a classical music dj set’

De Pers


'DJ Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz is an 'outsider' in the dj-scene. Instead of danceble beats he plays classical music!'

Het Parool


‘How a dj with the real classics seduces a club audience. Bach, Glass and Puccini become überhip and ultracool thanks to the perky efforts of a smart, shrewd & sharp dj.

Joost Zwagerman


‘Von Rosenthal was ingenious at the Lowlands Festival!’


'Cut, copy & paste with classical music. DJ Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz does it all with passion and mixes Mozart with Arvo Pärt. The techno-crowd loves him while the classical purists would love to unplug him.'


'I've always disliked the sectarianism in music: dance, alternative, rock...It was a relief when dj's started to play it all, mixing eclectic, but I want to go a step further. I think as a dj you  can also make your 'sound' by totally ignoring beats. You don't necessarely need them.'



‘Adventurous and succesful: a bloody well chill out CD with cool atmospheric sounds!’

Veronica Magazine


‘The idea is as briljant as simple: a dj-mixtape with classical music, with film music and orchestral pieces of pop artists as Gorillaz. Unpredictable & beautiful!’

Algemeen Dagblad


‘The result could easily have been very cheesy. But Von Rosenthal knows his classics and surprises us with unknown performances and unexpected mixes. Precisely that skill makes Nouvelle Classique such a succesful project, with whom Von Rosenthal can continue for years, on the stage and with a part 2 and more’

OOR Magazine


'A while ago I saw this old TED talk from Benjamin Zander about music and passion. A very inspiring person who's job is to awaken possibility in other people. As a conductor mr Zander depends for his power on his ability to make other people powerful. It reminded me about my own father who's a conductor himself. The unyielding energy of both resulted in shiny eyes for me and many others and hopefully yours. Therefore I'm also sharing this classic(al) mix by Dutchie Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz.'



'These last ten years I got really bored with the dance music scene, and now was the time to start doing something completely different: it was time to skip the beat.'


‘His recent mix-cd Nouvelle Classique is the best example of his angle:'I made it for a pop audience', says Von Rosenthal. 'All the time working on it I had Sexual Healing of Marvin Gaye in my head. I wanted it to become very smooth, an album to make love on.''

NRC Handelsblad


'Mostly I start with Steve Reich's 18 Musicians, to get the audience in a kind of trance, mixing it with one of Cecilia Bartoli's beautiful and melancholic aria's. Some pieces I only use a small part, others I make mash ups of, but no beats'



'DJ Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz makes classical music sexy'

Leeuwarder Courant


Spanish Masters expo The Hermitage Museum Amsterdam

‘Each piece of music feels as if Von Rosenthal is there to guide us without intruding. The paintings do the rest. Just let it all wash over you.’

Wieteke van Zeil - De Volkskrant 

Photo Credit © Carin Verbruggen & Ferry Drenthem Soesman                                      vonrosenthal

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